Passport destination: taipei

PASSPORT DESTINATION: TAIPEI is a multimedia exhibition and documentary that will transport viewers to the beautiful city of Taipei, Taiwan without having to leave their seats. Through the documentary participants will have the opportunity to experience Taipei’s culture, art and design, while also gaining insight into how these elements work together to bring to life this vibrant and exciting modern Asian society.

Sponsored by: RITZ Camera ( )
Created by: Mk Americana ( Website –, Instagram – @MkAmericana )

PASSPORT DESTINATION: TAIPEI collaborated with AIA|DC and the District Architecture Center in their Wish You Were Here! Vintage Postcards from Washington, D.C. The lecture dealt with the unique design concepts only found in Taipei, Taiwan and as seen through the eyes of the local creators in the World Design Capital. Participants of PASSPORT DESTINATION: TAIPEI understood how design helps improve the city by adding to the lives of individuals residing there as well as those visiting. The creators, featured in the presentation, are from the areas of architecture, industrial design, graphic design and fashion.

The main focus of the presentation gave participants special insight into Taipei’s design culture by offering engaging and often tactile multimedia experiences. These diverse technological media experiences were designed to heighten the senses and deepen the connection between the participants, the materials presented and the magnificent city of Taipei.

This multimedia presentation included a documentary snippet, an augmented reality demonstration and 360 video footage. Following the presentation, participants had the opportunities to ask questions and interact with the presenter.

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RITZ Camera


World Design Organization
City Yeast

Graphic Design
Curry Hackett ( @hackreative )

Exhibition Venue:

Charles Reynolds ( @shootwithcharles )