Passport destination: Moscow

Although mostly noted for their differences in societal issues and politics, Moscow has a unique and vibrant culture that is usually overlooked by the U.S. media. The PPD team saw this trip to Moscow as a perfect opportunity to get an uncommon perspective of the city and to get a glimpse at life in Russia. During this visit, we examined Moscow through the perspectives of creative institutions such as the Moscow Contemporary Art Center Winzavod; a winery turned creative campus, Strelka Institute; a school that focuses on teaching Media, Architecture and Design, and the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art; an internationally recognized museum located in Gorky Park. After exploring these locations we realized that Moscow has a thriving creative community that pushes the boundaries of design to make the city a better place to live.

The exhibition was broken down into four sections; city street photography, Russian terms; a documentary and Russian inspired cuisine. The photography showed the unique landscapes of Moscow, from it’s museum-like metro to Gorky Park-the Central Park of Russia; to the LABORATORIA Art & Science Space – an innovative and interactive hybrid space between art, science and society. The photos and video presented at the exhibition also allowed viewers to travel vicariously through the images and take in Moscow’s urban layout. Since Language is an essential gateway into cultures, Russian terms were introduced to viewers, allowing them to experience the tongue and sounds of everyday Russia. The documentary gave people a guide to different locations around the city along with a directory of recommended places to visit. The cuisine served at the exhibition provided participants with a literal taste of Moscow.


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Ritz Camera in Bethesda, MD

Writing & Marketing:
Machang Sanga

Graphic Design
Curry Hackett ( @hackreative )
Julian Barnes ( @julian.aluxander )

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Chris Court