Passport destination: Cape town

The PPD team’s interest in, and resulting visit to Cape Town, South Africa in 2015 was stimulated by the desire to participate in two prominent design conferences, the World Design Capital and Design Indaba. Outside of the conferences, we wanted to learn more about the many unique South African ethnic groups and how these diverse groups influence the physical aesthetics and spirit of Cape Town.

In the documentary, we wanted to spotlight the creative and innovative people of Cape Town. we were able to interview representatives from fashion brands such as MaxHosa, Unknown Unknown, and Corner Store. These brands focus on pushing South Africa’s colorful and intricate style to the world, specifically through the clothes they create; from Bumba blanket jackets to infusing tribal wear into modern clothes. In addition to the clothing brands, we sought to learn more about SAOTA, a prominent South African architecture firm, and gain insight into their point of view as it relates to the purpose and importance of architecture in South African society.

Passport Destination Exhibition Recap from Mk Americana on Vimeo.

Inspired and invigorated by the people and the overwhelming creativity of Cape Town, we were excited to share all that we had seen and learned! In order to do so, we worked to develop a PASSPORT DESTINATION: Cape Town exhibition. The PPD team created custom furniture, displayed still and augmented reality photos of Cape Town’s breathtaking landscape, produced and presented a documentary, and provided samples of clothing to give the exhibition participants a piece of this vibrant city. In addition, the documentary included a list of tourist sites and stores for viewers to explore when they travel to Cape Town!

Brands in Documentary:
Unknown Union
Young and Lazy
Two Bop

Supporting footage:
Rasheed Ferguson

Ritz Camera in Bethesda, MD

Yatta Vincent
Machang Sanga

Graphic Design
Curry Hackett ( @hackreative )
Julian Barnes ( @julian.aluxander )


Exhibition Venue:
The Fridge

Event video Shot by:
Torrance Hill ( @classicnsuave )