Passport destination: Berlin

Our visit to Berlin was the genesis of PPD. The trip was spurred by our desire to attend an international film festival, and to understand and explore German history. Since it was the first trip, we thoroughly studied Germany’s history prior to visiting, and while we were in the city, we made sure to involve ourselves in various activities and to interact with locals to get a deeper understanding of Berlin. Outside of the history, many of the locals mentioned that Berlin is a great place for creative placemakers. The city is constantly evolving with new ideas. This sparked our desire to explore the city and as a result capture, through photography and videography, what we saw–and bring it back to the states for others to see.

As our debut PPD exhibition, we showcased photos, video snippets and video footage of German terms spoken by the people of Berlin. Our aspiration was to show Berlin off of the beaten tourist path by and to tap into the creative side of the city. Through the documentary, viewers were able to explore M.A.D.E. a location known for its forward thinking tech, art and interactive projects, and various stores and shops not too far from Weinmeisterstraße in East Berlin.


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Machang Sanga

Graphic Design
Curry Hackett ( @hackreative )
Julian Barnes ( @julian.aluxander )

Exhibition Venue:
The Fridge